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Clear Water Academy has been a gift to our children and our family in so many ways. The teachers and staff are top-notch, caring and nurturing and they put in extra time to ensure our children are taught based on their learning styles. Clear Water is unique in that it forms great young people in knowledge, character, faith and spirit and as a family we witness this in our children’s daily interactions. We fell in love with CWA when we first visited the school and learned that the school’s values are the same as our values. Our children love the school as much as we do because it is a special community.

Suzy and Ralph Kroll

As a teacher, it is a challenge to express what has Clear Water Academy meant to me personally, professionally, and spiritually. Simply put, it has meant everything. From my beginnings as a basketball coach in 2010, prior to a career in teaching, then as a student teacher, and now entering my 4th year teaching the Grade 4 Boys, I have always felt welcomed by the community and supported by administration. It is a great place to teach. The staff, the people, and the students take care of each other. CWA is a place where we count our blessings as opposed to our challenges. It is a place to learn and grow in faith, for both teacher and student alike.

Paul de Leon - Grade 4 Boys teacher

Working at Clear Water Academy over the last 10 years has truly taught me the difference between a job and a vocation. I am continually inspired by my devoted students and my incredible colleagues and have seen the difference an authentic Catholic education can make in our everyday lives. Through professional development, retreats, coaching, mission trips, community events, and many other aspects of the school, I have been given so many occasions to develop every significant part of my life. I feel very blessed to be a part of this loving community and believe that I am a better teacher and person because of these opportunities and the wonderful people in the CWA family.

Maria Fitzgerald - Grade 10/French Specialist teacher

Clear Water Academy makes faith the foundation of teaching and learning. We are committed to calling forth the best in children and to truly addressing the education of the whole child. It is a gift to live openly with God as your wellspring at Clear Water Academy!

Katy Morrison - Junior Kindergarten teacher