Tuition & Fees

Tuition Fees


At Clear Water Academy, we work diligently to maintain reasonable fee levels. We want all families to enjoy access a Clear Water Academy education for their children. However, the delivery of our educational model requires a significant financial commitment. We are pleased to be able offer a 12-month payment plan, and our Semper Altius Financial Awards Program which includes grants for families with 3 or more children registered at the school.

Financial Aid (Semper Altius Financial Awards - Bursary Programs)

Clear Water Academy is pleased to offer the Semper Altius Financial Awards and Bursary programs to families requiring financial support for their children Clear Water Academy. This program is funded by Clear Water Academy individual donors and various grants in support of our community. Click here to learn more about our Financial Aid programs.

Family Bond Program

Clear Water Academy implements a family Bond Program to further strengthen our school. Participation in the Family Bond Program is mandatory for all families. One $10,000 bond is required per family, regardless of how many children attend. The Family Bond is effectively an interest-free loan to the school. The proceeds from the Family Bond are used to fund major capital upgrades and projects such as redevelopment of our current facilities.

Charitable Tax Receipts

As a faith based private school we are able to provide a charitable tax receipt for the religious portion of the tuition fees for Kindergarten through Grade 12. Junior Kindergarten fees qualify as child care expenses if both parents work outside the home.

Tuition Fees 2020 - 2021



 Junior Kindergarten
5 Full days


 Junior Kindergarten
5 Half Days


 Kindergarten to
Grade 6


 Grades 7 to 9*


 Grades 10 to 12



*Outdoor Education fees (Grades 7 to 9) - $375 per student

Semper Altius Family Grants

Third child Grant - $3,600
Fourth child grant - $7,200 or greater (subject to family tuition fee cap)
Family tuition fee cap - $42,000

Payment Options

Option 1: Payment in full on or before June 1, 2020
Option 2: 12 equal monthly installments (June 1, 2020 to May 1, 2021), subject to 2.0% financing fee

Payment Methods

Option 1: Pre-Authorized Debit
Option 2: Credit card via 3rd party processor, Plastiq, subject to a processing fee charged by Plastiq