Homeroom: Grade 7

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Apr 27May 1Math 7 G Mid unit reviewMathematicsVolschenk, Susan0
Apr 26Apr 287g: "La carte du Canada et la météo", study for quiz (write provinces/territories in French, and the translate the conditions to English)FrenchBelisle, Diane0
Apr 26Apr 28Inquiry project (paste presentation AND study notes in G.Classroom)Social StudiesBelisle, Diane0
Apr 25Apr 277b: study for quiz: write 10 varied question sentences in FrenchFrenchBelisle, Diane0
Apr 25Apr 27Math 7G section 7.1- 7.3 quizMathematicsVolschenk, Susan0
Apr 25Apr 27Math 7 G section 7.4MathematicsVolschenk, Susan0
Feb 1Jun 30YEAR-LONG NOTICE!ReligionSchneider, Dean0
Feb 1Jun 30YEAR-LONG NOTICE!Social StudiesSchneider, Dean0
Feb 1Jun 23All Homework is Posted on Google ClassroomScienceBorotsik, April0
Sep 19Jun 23HomeworkReligionSchneider, Dean0
Sep 19Jun 23HomeworkSocial StudiesSchneider, Dean0