Why Clear Water Academy

The greatest advantage of a Clear Water Academy education is Integral Formation, which forms all aspects of a child; intellectual, human, apostolic and spiritual. Our approach is purposefully designed to teach, educate and form each child individually; helping each one grow fully into the person God created them to be. 

The development of each child is achieved through a balanced approach, with a variety of age appropriate activities, lessons, experiences and challenges that inspire and engage students across the disciplines. This energetic, one-of-a-kind educational community, combined with Integral Formation, helps young people grow into confident Christian leaders with character, intelligence, and virtue. Smart and curious students study with dedicated teachers who are also coaches, mentors and advisors.

An important component of our personalized approach is achieved through a targeted approach to teaching boys and girls distinctly. Boys and girls are different; they learn differently, are interested in different things, and are motivated by different things. In grades 4 - 9 we teach boys and girls in distinct classroom environments. In these classrooms you see teachers using a variety of unique strategies to engage their students. The outcome is stronger teacher/student and student/student connections, increased subject matter engagement, and better learning.

Our approach has proven successful as evidenced by our consistent ranking as one of the top Academic Schools in Alberta by the Fraser Institute