Clear Water Academy


Here's what just a few of our parents and alumni had to say about the education and formation their children receive at Clear Water Academy. 

"To all the wonderful staff at Clear Water Academy.  We have been at the school for nine years now and have truly felt and seen the influence you have had on our children.  We have watched our three children grow in all four pillars of formation.  This growth has been directly influenced by every one of you and we are forever grateful.  Each of you has your own special way of caring for our kids and we always appreciate the open communication you have with us as parents sharing the good and bad. We are truly blessed to have so many wonderful people looking after our kids.  Thank You!"

Mike & Liana Lamacchia

To the faculty and staff at Clear Water Academy. We are very proud and honored to volunteer for this luncheon; it’s a very small token of our appreciation to each and every one of you.  Over the past 11 years your dedication and commitment has always been evident.  Erika and Grace are so very happy to go to school each day (and are still smiling at the end of it).  We often hear “Today was the best day ever!”   From the very first day we walked through the doors we knew that Clear Water Academy was a special place.  It is not just a school but a place where families work with faculty and staff to create a warm, nurturing, loving and safe environment.  The quality of education and formation Erika and Grace receive is second to none.  Thank You and God bless each of you for all your hard-work."

 Patrick & Deb Kirkland

"We love the warm welcome we get every morning when we drop off our child. We love your positive attitude. We love that you share your strong faith with our child."

Helen Stobo

"We would like to thank all the Clear Water Academy teachers and staff for all your dedication, encouragement and love that you have brought to all the students in Clear Water Academy. Thank you for being Dorothy’s friend, model and inspiration for all the years that she has been with CWA."

Hieu Tran & Phan Truong

"Our family can't express enough appreciation to all the wonderful staff at Clear Water Academy. The excellent instruction our children receive, coupled with a high level of caring makes for a beautiful learning environment. It takes a special person to become a teacher and those who choose a career in support within an educational institution. But to bring the level of caring, professionalism and quality that the Clear Water Academy staff does to the school makes them extra special and truly blessed!"

Sandra & David Perkins 

"Clear Water Academy is a place where our children's minds and character are strengthened to make good choices in a complicated world. The impact of our many years at Clear Water has shown itself in our children's lives, the choices they make and the virtues they embrace."

Bob & Angela Christianson 

 "Clear Water Academy High School has provided me with a strong foundation with which to set out into the world. The school's commitment to providing an education centered on Integral Formation has allowed me to become a moral individual who loves Christ and helps others. I thank CWA for their patience, dedication and love."

Slavko Harahuc, Class of 2010