Securities & Other Tax Information

The Canadian Government has eliminated capital gains tax on all gifts of publicly traded securities to registered charities, such as Clear Water Academy.  To donors, this means a significant tax savings when giving stocks, bonds, and other investments directly to a charity (as opposed to first converting them to cash).  Usually, when you sell a security, you are required to pay tax on 50% of the capital gain.  The tax savings made by donating directly to a charity are substantial.  When you donate securities to Clear Water Academy:

  • You receive a charitable tax receipt for the full amount of the donation.
  • You pay no taxes on the capital gains.
  • Your donation can be substantial yet not affect your daily financial obligations.
  • Leaving securities to a charity such as Clear Water Academy in your will lessens the tax burden for your heirs.

Regardless of whether you choose to donate to Clear Water Academy through securities or other means, your donation will always be received with our heartfelt gratitude.

For additional information, please contact Erlynn Gococo, Development Director at (403) 240-7915 or