As a Catholic school, Clear Water Academy shares in the rich, two thousand year old, Catholic Intellectual Tradition and Judeo-Christian values that have been the cornerstone and foundation of civilization. Faith and reason, character and intellect, personal development and service of others, love for the child and challenge to growth: all come together in this deep and harmonious enterprise that comprises Catholic education.

Clear Water Academy has an open admission policy and welcomes families of all faiths. As a Catholic School of Integral Formation®, Clear Water Academy offers a program rich in Catholic education and formation. This includes religion classes several times per week, weekly Masses, access to the Sacrament of Reconciliation, daily prayer, and a culture that is seeped in Catholic values.  Our program of Integral Formation® provides for each students' growth in intellect, character, responsibility and spirit. While our school welcomes students and families of all faiths, it is imperative that our entire community respects, values and is completely supportive of the Catholicity of our school.