The Clear Water Academy Gala is a tradition that we are exceptionally proud of. This annual event is a true community builder; it not only provides for important funds to be raised, but a gathering of our families and staff united in our Mission. 

The Clear Water Academy Gala is a meaningful and valued school tradition. While our fundraising needs are different from past years, our annual Gala and the funds we raise remain significant. The collective efforts of our families, teachers, staff, students and volunteers have, over the past 17 years, raised more than $2 million dollars for Clear Water Academy! This year's goal is to raise $125,000 (net).

Beyond raising money, the Gala is an annual spark in our community.  It unites us in celebration of our mutual blessings; our children, our school and our faith. The Gala is an adventure of goodness and generosity shared among school friends, families, teachers and staff.

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