Clear Water Academy implements a Family Bond program to further strengthen our school.  The Family Bond is effectively an interest-free loan to the school.  The proceeds from the Family Bond are used to fund major capital upgrades and projects at the school such as the redevelopment of our current facilities and lands.

Participation in the Family Bond program is mandatory for all families with students entering Clear Water Academy attending Junior-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, or Grades 1 to 12.  One bond is required per family, regardless of how many children attend.

The amount of the bond is $10,000 per family. The Family Bond can be purchased by a parent, guardian or sponsor and must be purchased within 7 calendar days of acceptance at Clear Water Academy.  The principal is redeemable upon the family's last student's departure from the school.  Upon receipt of written notification, the bond will be repaid in full within 30 business days.  Should a family have any outstanding fees owing, the bond will be repaid after the last school fee payment has been processed.  If preferred, any outstanding fees can be deducted from the bond and the balance of the bond will be returned to the family.

If financing is required, families can make arrangements for a bank loan/line of credit and make monthly interest payments on that loan. 

If you have any questions, please contact us by EMAIL or (403)240-7916 and we will be happy to assist you.