Clear Water Academy places significant emphasis on the human and character development of each student. The Human Formation is developed through the inculcation of habits, or virtues, such as temperance, prudence and perseverance, and many more. One-to-one sessions with individual students and a comprehensive program to teach the virtues are key parts of Clear Water Academy's character development program. Equally important are teachers who model the virtues and centre school life on our faith. 

Literature, religious studies and history curricula present great examples of virtue in the lives of uncommon men and women. Virtue campaigns and the study of the Saints inspires students to internalize their faith and grow in virtue.

Clear Water Academy forms young people of principle, true leaders for today and for tomorrow. Human and character development provide an excellent base on which students grow intellectually, apostolically and spiritually.

Clear Water Academy has two Formation Instructors; one for male students and one for female students, who are responsible for the programs that develop virtue and faith in each Clear Water Academy pupil. While their work positively impacts the entire student body, their main focus is students in Grades 7 - 12. 

Their primary role is to assist the students by meeting with them one-on-one to provide support for their human growth and formation. The Formation Instructors are also involved in the Apostolic and Spiritual Programs at Clear Water Academy, designed to teach students about faith filled service to others, using Christ as our model.