Boys and Girls Classes

Our Educational Philosophy - Integral Formation

Clear Water Academy implements the Integral Formation method of education. Used in over 150 schools around the world, Integral Formation is built upon the Christian view of the person and focuses on forming all dimensions of the person - their intellectual, human, spiritual, and apostolic capacities. More simply put, at Clear Water Academy we develop each child's knowledge, character, faith, and spirit thus helping them fulfill the unique mission for which they were created.

Clear Water Academy understands that God made each person with their own set of talents and gifts. Small class sizes allow our highly qualified faculty to work with each student individually to ensure they’re achieving their personal potential.

Boys and Girls Learn Differently

Our method of attention to the whole person is further enriched by a gender specific approach to education. From learning styles to very divergent ways of seeing and hearing the world around them, there are fundamental differences between boys and girls. 

Clear Water Academy students receive the academic advantages of single gender instruction while still having co-ed social opportunities. Our students in Grades 4 though 9 are taught in gender style classes in a coed school environment. 

At Clear Water Academy our curriculum makes no distinction between genders; boys and girls are both held to the same high academic standards, receive the same quality instruction, and their formation is directed to the same end: the development of Christian leaders. The fact that boys and girls are different does not mean they need different educations. It means that they need to be educated differently if they are to achieve the same standards.


Dr. Leonard Sax MD PhD: Dr. Leonard is an American psychologist and family physician. He is best known as the author of three books for parents: Why Gender Matters, Boys Adriftand Girls on the Edge. He is also founder and executive director of the National Association for Single Sex Public Education.