Apostolic Formation is an important part of our culture at Clear Water Academy. Our aim is to help each student recognize their God given gifts, talents and personality, and in age-approriate ways, use these blessings to help and serve others. Our goal is to nurture within each student the heart of an apostle and help students focus on actively reaching out to make a difference.

Apostolic classes are introduced at Grade 7. Opportunities for our older students to mentor younger students develops a desire and responsibility to become a good role model. Visits to shelters, performing community services, providing for the needs of the poor, performing kind tasks for the elderly, and managing small fundraisers to support those in need, all help to build the habit of reaching out in service to others. Study of the Saints and participation in monthly virtue campaigns, helps to personalize each students growth in service and virtue.

High School students take part in a pilgrimage to Rome and an international mission trip. These are life changing journeys that alter the hearts, minds and souls of every student involved.  

Ultimately, Apostolic formation at Clear Water Academy will cultivate in each student the capacity to go into society to serve as a Christian leader and apostle. Inspiring individuals to actively respond to the needs of the Church and humanity, helping to create a civilization of justice and love. Through a vibrant apostolic life, each student discovers Christ, becomes more like Christ and experiences His love more profoundly.