The goal of Intellectual Formation is to develop each student’s intellectual capacities while fostering a love for learning and truth. This includes:

  • High academic standards, preparing students for higher education & professional careers
  • Extensive study in core subjects
  • Effective study skills and habits
  • Critical thinking and reflection
  • Logical order of thought
  • Clarity of expression
  • Public speaking and writing skills

Clear Water Academy is a Catholic School of Integral Formation that stands ready to meet and expand the minds and passions of some of the brightest students in Calgary. Clear Water Academy understands that God made each person with their own set of talents and gifts. Small class sizes allow our highly qualified faculty to work with each student individually to ensure they’re achieving their personal potential. Clear Water Academy has been consistently ranked as one of the top Academic Schools in Alberta by the Fraser Institute

Clear Water Academy students receive the academic advantages of gender style instruction while still having co-ed social opportunities. Our students in Grades 4 though 9 are taught in gender style classes. 

The intellectual development of each child is achieved through this balanced approach, with a variety of age appropriate activities, lessons, experiences and challenges that inspire students. This energetic, one-of-a-kind educational community, combined with Integral Formation, helps young people grow into confident Christian leaders with character, intelligence, and virtue. Smart and curious students study with dedicated teachers and scholars who are also coaches, mentors and advisors. 

Semper Altius - Always Higher is Clear Water Academy's motto. Whether it is helping a classmate with difficult math homework, taking on a leadership role in a school club, or participating in the dozens of athletic teams or service projects that take us into local neighborhoods and around the world, Semper Altius is a way of life.